.Video Marketing Toolbox

Finding the right tools takes time, we compiled a quick list that you can use to start working on your brand’s video marketing.

We will keep updating it as new tools will come available for iOs, Windows and Android.


Script Guideline

In the script section you can find and download our quick guideline to create either a detailed script or a simple outline for your videos.

Google Docs

Using Google Docs you have all your script in a Google Drive folder ready for you to add, edit and use wherever you are.

Tip: when using it from desktop you can use the “voice typing” function.



If you are on your phone you can use the Notes App, simple and easy to use with the native dictation in iOS you can use the voice typing to create your scripts quickly.


This app transcribes your voice notes into text. Another quick tool to convert your spontaneous thoughts into text. 

Then just copy and paste into a Google Doc or your notes.


Graphics & Visuals


You can create covers, thumbnails, small elements with transparent background that you can add on top of your videos to keep everything on brand and give the visual cues that sometimes a video requires.


With this online platform you can simply create your own animations. Covers, elements that you can use, social media stories, posts, anything that you can imagine.


Giphy CAM

Giphy CAM is a great way to create funny and easy GIFs to use everywhere you want. GIFs are intuitive and are really popular.

Just use their filters and text with the camera or upload your video and transform it into a GIF.

Data GIF Maker

Google is know to give us good tools, this is an easy way to create GIFs when you want to share data or comparisons.

Choose between the templates, change the numbers and you are done!

Filming & Recording


With the two functions of recording from your webcam and recording the screen you can film yourself, film the presentation or the screen where you can perform different activities. And then stitch them together during editing.

Best thing: totally free!



Loom is a platform, a desktop application, an extension and probably more.

Key aspect it lets you record your screen while you are being captured by your webcam and you are present in a small bubble.



Soapbox gives you the ability to film yourself and the screen at the same time and later decide what you want to see.

Simple tool powered by Wistia great for sales and support comms.



Free tool for Apple users with both desktop and mobile app you can start editing straight away. 
Great for those who are starting out with their video editing.


InShot is the favourite tool around for its simplicity when editing on mobile devices.
Available both for iOS and Android.


VLLO is a great discovery. It’s an application for mobile and tablet that lets you edit your videos while already thinking more like a pro tool.
Available both for iOS and Android.

Adobe Premiere

Premiere is the tool chosen by many for the integration with the Adobe suite. This enables you to edit, color grading & work on sound design.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is an all-in-one professional tool developed by Apple. This application is great for all the editing aspects. 

Da Vinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a color correction and video editing application for macOS, Windows, and Linux.
Particular popular for its free version.

Music & Sound Effects

YouTube Audio Library

YouTube makes available music and sound effects royalty free.

Just remember to check what kind of license they are under and add the attribution to the author where needed.


Artlist.io is a music database where you can buy royalty free music that doesn’t require attribution.

In their terms and condition you can see where you can use the tracks you download from their library.


EpidemicSound is a huge library of Music and Sound Effects used by a lot of YouTubers and creatives.

They propose different plans based on what is your profile.



When you have your video ready, visit Rev.com website and with a small investment you get automatic or manual transcribes of your videos. Having these closed captions ready to be added in your YouTube or LinkedIn videos is a great time saver.


MixCaptions is a iOS app that lets you add burned captions on top of your videos. This is particularly great for social media videos. Buying some credits you get to ask for an automatic transcription or add your own manually for free.



Veed is a great alternative.
Knowing that a high percentage of videos are watched in mute, this is one of the many tools you should use to add subtitles to your videos.
Perfect for your social media posts or stories that you want to create quickly.



YouTube is one of the preferred place to upload your videos with the different privacy settings you can control the visibility of your videos and host videos that you want only some users to see. Being a free platform without limitation is a great place to host your brand videos.




Vimeo has both free and paid versions. In the free plan you can turn Vimeo into the place where your brand can host videos, the downside are some restrictions.
Check that your needs are met or choose the paid plan and get all the features.

Self Hosted

Self-hosting your videos means uploading your videos directly on the server where you host your website.

This is an option that is not recommended.

Click here to learn why.


Wistia is a video-hosting platform for businesses, from adding videos to the web, tracking performance and building audiences. The difference here are the metrics, if you need detailed analytics this is the tool for you. 



Vidyard can host and analyze video performance. Highlighting how different videos perform you can decide where to focus your energy.

They also provide a free Chrome extension to embed videos in your email if you use Gmail.


SproutVideo is a platform where you can upload videos, add security features, and track analytics.

Like the Wistia and Vidyard their paid plan gives you the possibility of a branded video player to embed where you want to integrate videos.

Now create your production pipeline

When you are ready to create your content following the system that works for you, just book a session with us.